Pinch bottom bags have only stitching at the bottom and closure at the bottom. And there’s no handle. Once the bag is filled, a pinch sealer closes the bag by activating pre-applied glue on the bag’s opening with hot air, folding the open end over to complete the closure, and pinching the fold closed until the glue cures.

Pinch bottom bag is also known as step ended heat adhesive bag or flap heat seal bag. Each ply is cut staggered and get its name by step ended flap. Usually its step ended flap is applied with adhesive for heat sealing. It needs no sewing. There is no pollution and moe solid sealing. It prevents material from clotting. Its filling and sealing is very convenient, suitable for automation. Filled bag presents square, neat and environmen friendly looks. It is suitable for exportation.

The following video will help you learn the specific details about the pinch bottom bag.

How to closure a pinch bottom bag?

Besides pinch bottom bags, we can also do other kinds of BOPP Bags. Such as: easy open, block bottom, valve bags, sewn open mouth. Each of our bag is customized by our customers. Any requirements please contact us.

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