We have bags in five general styles, the following is the feature introduction of them.In addition to these regular types,we can also customize for you.

EZ Opening Strip Bags

There is an integrated tear open strip at the top of the bag. This allows the user to easily open the bag and quickly release the content. The strip is simply pulled as indicated on the bag and the two sides can now simply be parted to access the filling good.

Pinch Bottom BOPP Bags

It is a better barrier against moisture and humidity. With  the top of the roll and the thermo-sealed bottom, your product is hermetically sealed from destructive humidity as it moves through the distribution channel as well as the occasional exposure to standing water and rain.

Block Bottom BOPP Bags

Be formed in a rectangle shape. The bottom of the pouch is gusseted from sides and sealed. Vertical sides of the bag are creased to allow the pouch to stand up straight on shelves.

BOPP laminated Valve Bags

Valve bags are packaging bags filled by machines. Valve bag has increase packaging efficiency, convenient transportation, firm of strong, low breakage rate.

Sewn Open Mouth BOPP Bags

Sewn at one end and open at the other, this bag is shaped like tube and sewn shut but it uses the back seam style. This style is created from a single layer of flat woven fabric, which is then folded and glued to create a back seam. This manufacturing process allows for greater control over bag width and no over-lamination on the edges. You won’t find extra poly on any side in this type of bag.

Importance of choosing a good manufacturer

High-quality BOPP packaging is made using only the best manufacturing processes to guarantee a superior product that is safe to use for food. The manufacturing process should be smooth and that each product goes through stringent quality control without mistakes. This way, you can avoid the frustration of costly mistakes associated with poorly manufactured BOPP film.

Cooperating with a good manufacturer can satisfy all of the above situation. We have a factory in Thailand. About 30 Research&Technology engineers, 300 workers and implement two-shifts system. Up to 20 production lines and manufacturing MAX 45,000 bags per hour. If you want to find a supplier to work with for a long time, you can try us and jointly create a mutually beneficial win-win space. Any bag style suits your needs, just contact us.

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